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Custom Glass Mug Thickness Selection

Sep. 05, 2019

In recent years, people's living standards have increased rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on the performance of glass materials. In order to enhance the safety and artistry of glass, custom glass mug suppliers have introduced a number of new glass products that are powerful and attractive. For example, dimming glass with transparency control can be used, which is more practical than conventional frosted glass.

Glass can be divided into various types according to materials, production techniques, styles, etc., and nowadays people prefer to customize a unique glass. Custom glass mug is not only constantly improving the production process, but also constantly innovating in appearance. Moreover, the glass cup has the effects of heat preservation, heat insulation and sealing, and is more beautiful and elegant, and enhances the safety of use, and is popular among the general public. Then choose a custom glass mug when choosing a thick glass or thin?

Custom Glass Mug Thickness Selection

Custom Glass Mug

Physical thermal knowledge tells us that under normal circumstances, objects will "expand and shrink" in most cases. I believe many people have encountered this situation. When the hot liquid is introduced into the glass, the glass suddenly bursts. This kind of sudden situation often makes us mistakenly think that the glass cup is too thin, and it should not be accidental if it should be thick. Is it really safe to choose thick glassware?

When we poured hot water into the glass, not all the walls of the cup were all in contact with the hot water, but turned hot from the inside to the outside. When the hot hot water is introduced into the glass, the inner wall of the glass is first thermally expanded, but since the heat transfer takes time, the outer wall does not feel the temperature of the hot water in a very short time, so the outer wall does not expand in time. That is to say, there is a time difference between internal and external expansion. This time difference causes the outer wall to bear the huge pressure caused by the expansion of the inner wall. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the outer wall cannot withstand the pressure and the glass explodes.

If we look closely at the cracked cup, we can find a rule that is easy to burst, not just a cup with a thick wall, but also a glass with a thicker bottom. Therefore, it is clear that in order to avoid this, we should choose a cup with a cup bottom and a thin cup. Because the thinner the glass, the shorter the heat transfer time of the inner and outer walls, the smaller the pressure difference between the inner and outer walls, and the fact that it can expand at the same time, so that it does not burst due to uneven heating. The thicker the glass, the longer the heat transfer time, and the greater the pressure difference between the inner and outer walls, the more it will burst due to uneven heating!

So what if the family has already purchased thick glassware? Throw it away? It’s a pity. When we have to pour hot water into such a thick cup, we can use a good method to avoid the occurrence of cracking. This method is to put a metal tea spoon in the cup before pouring hot water. It is better if you can use a silver tea spoon. This will try to avoid bursting of the glass.

Our custom glass mug and portable glass mug is made of high-grade borosilicate glass and processed with high-tech skills. The high-temperature firing process of 640°C reaches the critical point of glass melting, transparent and pure. Non-toxic, at the same time using an annealing process to ensure that the cup can withstand the instantaneous changes of hot and cold, explosion-proof, anti-crack, no tail vacuum, with high transparency, crystal sense, wear resistance, etc., crystal clear, elegant and generous. At the same time, the double-layer glass structure has certain cooling and heat-preserving effects; the cup mouth is polished and smoothed by a special process, and the taste is comfortable when drinking; the use is more convenient, the design is more reasonable, and the humanization is more humanized.

Custom Glass Mug Thickness Selection

Portable Glass Mug

Customized glass as a green product, with the unique shape and other advantages to become a gift and collection of good products, has been favored by the masses.

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