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[Sublimation Mug for sale]Changing Color Mug

Jun. 03, 2019

Color-changing mug

Sublimation Mug Supplier China shares that Changing Color Mug: when Changing Color Color Mug into hot or lukewarm water, the patterned area on the outside will change Color according to the temperature. Color: inside color 9 kinds: pink, red, orange, yellow, black, dark blue, light blue, light green, green; There are 10 edge colors, one more medium blue than inner colors.

Change color

Principle 1: it is composed of coaxial outer cup and inner cup. A sandwich cavity filled with thermosensitive color-changing volatile liquid is provided between the bottom of the two cups, and an artistic graphic channel communicating with the cavity is carved on the outer wall of the inner cup. After the hot water is poured into the drinking cup, the heat-sensitive liquid in the sandwich chamber will produce color changes and rise to escape in the graphic channel of the inner cup, making the cup wall show artistic patterns, so that people can get aesthetic Feeling and artistic enjoyment.

Principle 2: the mug adopts the heat transfer process, which requires the ceramic crafts to be coated with a layer of transparent resin paper with special requirements.

Sublimation Mug Supplier China

 Generally, the special thermal sublimation ink is printed on the ink jet or special paper with a printer, and heated by a certain pressure and temperature, and then the text and text are transferred to the coated ceramic glass products. Color-changing mug using thermo-sensitive thermochromic ink, because its color changing process reversible, it is also known as "invertible inks." When the temperature rises, the bottom layer is displayed.


Color-changing mug making process

Thermal transfer baking cup: the image through the computer input "printers" playing on a transfer paper, then post it on you need to do painted glass, low temperature heat transfer through the baking cup machine processing, after 3 minutes, make the paint evenly on the cup, and became a bright, clear images, personalized fashion products, used in indoor decoration, display, become the world's only a personalized mug.

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