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1. The entire body of the cup cannot accept the phenomenon of deformation, edge sharp or convex, surface breaking and breaking

2. No bump in the cup/no slag drop in the cup/no bump over 1mm allowed on the cup body

3. The diameter of pore of cup handle or body is not allowed > 1mm

4. No stain or discoloration is allowed inside and around the mouth

5. Visible stains and black spots are not allowed on the body and inside of the cup

6. Cup handles cannot have molten holes

7. There should be no visible bubbles, blank, or concavoconvex in the cup body and handle

8. Visible dents and lack of mud are not allowed

9. The body cannot have visible glaze bubbles

10. Sticky bottom is not allowed

11. No cracks are allowed in the mouth and body

12. The body of the paper can not be scratched

Unconventional Cup Double Open Mould

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