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Ceramic industry can only go global through innovative design

May. 11, 2019

Ceramic industry can only go global through innovative design.

Sublimation Mug Supplier China shares that Chinese ceramic industry development is gradually and gradually expand overseas, but Chinese products processing manufacturing, products in such aspects as the quality is often criticized by foreign market, under the frequent anti-dumping ceramic products of China's export prospects difficult, coupled with multiple constraints, such as low carbon ceramic industry only has the innovation design, improve the added value of products is constantly striving to become the fundamental.

It is the result of market competition and the development of ceramics industry to improve the added value and grade of China's daily-use ceramics products. Technological progress drives industrial upgrading, market competition, forces product upgrading, and advances The Times, leading to the gradual upgrading of demand. After more than 30 years of rapid development, China's ceramics industry has been in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, and the adjustment of product structure and upgrading of product grade and added value have long been the only way for ceramic factories to cope with future market competition, build core competitiveness, build international famous brands and become a world ceramic power.

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