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How To Package Ceramic Cups During Transportation?

Feb. 11, 2019

With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for Sublimation Ceramic Mugs in the industry is increasing, and its performance is very prominent, so it is very popular. In our daily life, if it is transported by its products, how can it be packaged without damage? Let's listen to the Sublimation Mug Supplier for a detailed introduction.

1. The porcelain cup is wrapped around foam paper, and it must be strict.

2, then seal with a tape and a circle (wearing in the logistics), be sure to use tape.

3, into the carton, surrounded by broken foam plugs.

4, according to industry experts engaged in custom-made ceramic cups, the tape seal is strict. Put in the larger one. Use newspapers to stern.

5. Put a foam board on top and seal the tape

How To Package Ceramic Cups During Transportation?cid=96

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