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How to remove the tea dirt on ceramic cup?

Jul. 31, 2019

How to remove the tea dirt on ceramic cup? 

How to remove the tea dirt on the Colorful Ceramic Mug? The person who likes making tea has common experience certainly, it is teapot, teacup is used for a long time, the tea dirt that can leave a very hard to clean in bottom of kettle and cup bottom, no matter which kind of strong effect washing-up agent is used, no matter how old strength is expended to scrub forcibly, the tea dirt of bottom of kettle, cup is cleaned not easily. At this time you can peel the potato, will cut off the potato skin, all into the teapot and teacup filled with water together heat boil, wait for the water to boil after a little cooling before scrubbing, can easily be attached to the teapot and teacup under the tea dirt clean. This method can also be widely used in POTS and vases to remove dirt.

In addition to tea, eggshells are also effective at removing scale on the Round Customized Printed Ceramic Mug. A thermos bottle that releases hot water is also prone to scale after being used for a long time. However, due to its narrow mouth, the thermos bottle is not easy to remove the scale at the bottom. You may as well put some broken eggshells in the water bottle, add some water and appropriate amount of dishwashing liquid, cover the lid thick shake the bottle, and finally rinse several times with water, this can effectively remove the scale in the thermos bottle. Eggshell is such a magical cleaning function, you might as well try!

Round Customized Printed Ceramic Mug

According to industry experts working on mugs, potato peels can also be used to treat scale in POTS. The aluminous pot in the home or aluminous pot is after using period of time, often can form a thin scale in the surface. Might as well use the potato skin that cuts down to help you purify scale, put right amount of water in the pot, put potato skin next, boil about 10 minutes on the stove, you will discover the scale that sticks to boiler wall or pot wall, can remove very easily.

Eggshell has the function of cleaning the home! As long as the eggshell is crushed, put into the dirty cup or bottle to be cleaned, and then drop a few drops of vinegar, slowly shake, and then wash with a brush, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean at ordinary times. Because of the amount of time it takes to make tea, the walls of a cup are prone to a thick layer of dirt, which is sometimes not easy to clean. If you have a cup of thick and dirty tea piled up in your home, try scrubbing the cup with crushed eggshells, and you'll find that the dirt on the cup can be easily washed off!

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