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What is the important process when firing a ceramic cup?

Sep. 12, 2019

What is the important process when firing a ceramic cup?

With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for ceramic cup products in the industry is increasing, and its performance role is very prominent, therefore, very popular. However, are there any important steps in the process of firing the product? Below listen to ceramic marker cup manufacturer to be everybody detailed introduction.

1, glazing: in the process of glazing, common round mouth by dipping glaze (the billet into glaze bowl, a time along with glaze flush immediately offered) or swing glaze, the glaze slurry injection shaking inside billet, make up and down or so even glaze, then quickly away excess slurries), cut (relative to "circular unit", "round device" means by throwing method of forming the circular vessels, such as bowl, plate, plate, etc. And the vessel with more complicated molding process, such as bottle, zun, pot, pot, etc., is called "zhuangjiang") or large round vessel with blowing glaze (method is to cover the bamboo tube with yarn, dip in the glaze and blow with mouth, so repeated times, blank surface can get the glaze layer of uniform thickness).

2, Kiln: according to the industry experts on the customization of mug, the kiln is a time-consuming step, with a time process of about one day and night, and the temperature is around 1300℃. First build the kiln door, ignition kiln, the fuel is pine wood, pile the technical guidance, test to see the fire hou, master the kiln temperature change, decide the ceasefire time.

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3, color glaze: glaze color such as multicolored, powder color, is in the glaze has been burned into porcelain to depict patterns, fill color, and then into the red furnace to low temperature baking, the temperature of about 700℃- 800℃. In addition, before firing kiln namely on green body element placenta painting, wait like blue and white, glaze inside red, call glaze inside red, its characteristic is colour is below high temperature glaze, never fade.

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