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How to buy ceramic cups?

Aug. 20, 2019

How to buy ceramic cups? Shared by 

With the continuous development of economy, the actual demand for ceramic cups such as High quality ceramic electroplated mug in the industry is increasing, and its performance is very prominent, therefore, very popular. It is understood that the main raw material of its products is mud, rather than rare metals, which will not waste our living resources and will not pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, nor be toxic and harmless. The selection of ceramic cup reflects the understanding of environmental protection, the care of our living environment. So how do you make the right purchase? Let's listen to the detailed introduction of industry experts.

1, first of all, pay attention to whether the lid is appropriate. As we know, embossed ceramic mug lid can make the water not cool so quickly.

2, listen to the voice, the finger lightly, if issued a clear, pleasant voice, then the porcelain is fine and dense, if hoarse, then for inferior porcelain, do not buy.

High-end design gold and silver electroplated cup-11oz

High-end design gold and silver electroplated cup-11oz

3, mark cup customization industry experts say, when drinking water mouth will contact the glass wall, so the outside of the glass wall top, is where the mouth contact can not have patterns, and the inner wall had better not have patterns. Because these glaze decoration contains trace amounts of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, not easy to use for a long time. Has certain harm to the human body.

4, touch the surface. See whether smooth, see whether there are cracks, holes, black spots, if as smooth as glass, the product is better.

For more information, come to kunyang ceramics factory, an organization specializing in the r&d and production of different types of ceramic mugs. Such as multicolor ceramic electroplated mug, and so on, ... In addition, the professional research and development of the production of ceramic cup products not only high quality and novel style, unique patterns, in real life has a very wide range of applications, so by the industry's praise, but also because of this, it can become the region's trustworthy ceramic cup custom organization.

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