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Advantages Of Heat Transfer Printing(part 1)

Apr. 09, 2019

China Sublimation Mug Supplier tells you that such strong market feedback is to be expected, as the aircraft has the following advantages:

Printing Simple

It does not require plate making, printing, repeated steps of color, screen printing and thermal transfer mode required by various types of tools, materials. Use a universal printer, only need to prepare an ordinary computer. A operator can be completely independent printing operation, saving manpower and material resources, and the way is simple, immediately desirable, the operator's experience requirements are low, as long as the simple picture processing software can be understood.

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Don't Damage

-- it can be printed not only on tough crystal, stone, metal, glass and other materials, but also on soft leather, cloth, cotton and other materials; It can be printed on inorganic materials as well as on complex, variable organic materials. With more and better compatibility with materials, it avoids the problems of screen printing, water transfer printing and material selection, as well as the destruction of organic materials such as leather, cloth and cotton by Heat Transfer Printing. It caters to the needs of market diversification and can better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

Location Accurate

To avoid the manual printing house in the position of the deviation problem - universal printer is no longer the traditional printing mode and method, is no longer a simple manual operation of the past and printing craft, with high technical content of computer generated, and the combination of automatic control technology for better, can be very precise on the printing area and position, to avoid the manual position offset problems printing office. Because it is a one-time multicolor printing, there will be no color matching problem. These advantages can also be combined with engraving and etching in a very effective way, such as printing beautiful pictures in the carved area or accurate etching after printing, which can also make a good breakthrough in the engraving industry.

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