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How To Choose The Type Of The Sublimation?

Apr. 02, 2019

Because Heat Transfer to the production of electronic engraving, and digital heat transfer without making electronic engraving. Relatively high cost of heat transfer, but why large number of people will choose heat transfer? Besides the quality problem, the most important one is the productivity problem. Heat transfer printing can print thousands of products an hour, but digital heat transfer printing can only print about 100 products an hour. So if it is just to do some commemorative gifts people will choose digital thermal transfer printing, but if it is the manufacturer of the need to print will choose thermal transfer printing.

An overview:

1. Beautiful pictures, with ordinary hot stamping machine, heat transfer machine can be completed.

2. Inktrk heat transfer ink is applied, no offset color is required, and patterns are formed in one time without color register.

3. With c-aw thermal transfer paper, just print out, simple operation, printing exquisite, low production cost.

4. Small loss of products, high added value, strong decorative process,such as Custom Color Sublimation Mug.

5. High covering power and strong adhesion.

6. In line with the green printing standards, no environmental pollution.

                                    Custom Color Sublimation Mug


What is Heat Transfer? Heat transfer printing is a new method to print patterns on various materials, especially suitable for making a small number of diversified personalized and customized goods, and printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to transfer the digital pattern through the printer to a special ink watermark on the transfer paper, and then use the special transfer machine, high temperature and high pressure to transfer the pattern to the surface of goods, complete the printing of goods.

Can be in leather, textile fabrics, organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, copper plate paper, such as arbitrary relatively flat material, one-time multicolour, arbitrarily complex color, color printing digital printing machine, it does not need to plate making, tinted and complex sun board procedures, won't cause damage of material, since the products listed for industry highly, second additional factory customers are increasing.

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