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Can the mug be customized?

Aug. 07, 2019

Mugs can be customized.

In our daily life, we often find that there are various patterns printed on the walls of some mark cups in the market, which can be seen that they can be customized. Then, for specific details, let's listen to the detailed introduction of industry experts for you.

A, thermal transfer baking Full White Sublimation Mug: the image through the computer input "printers" playing on a transfer paper, then stick it on the painting you need glass, low temperature heat transfer through the baking cup machine processing, after 3 minutes, make the paint evenly on the cup, and became a bright, clear images, personalized fashion products, used in indoor decoration, display, unique personalized mug in the world.

According to be engaged in pottery and porcelain cup to make to order the industry expert of the respect to tell, heat transfer printing principle can produce a variety of function cups, if change color cup, luminous cup, etc., heat transfer printing pottery and porcelain cup in the future is the potentiality that daily use pottery and porcelain develops.

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Ii. Cup lettering customization:

Carve words on the surface of ceramic marker cup, you can personalize the message, or carve your own name or the name of the other party, for example, carve with 12 constellation cup, find your own constellation, and carve your name on it. Since then, I have my own cup.

If you want to know more about details of the ceramic cup, can undertake advisory to China Stainless Mug Supplier, the plant as a regional specialized in different types of ceramic mug product research and development production agency, the agency professional r &d and production of related ceramic cup products not only are superior in quality and novel styles, unique designs, in real life has a very wide range of applications, and are well received by the industry, also because of this, it can become the most reliable customized ceramic cup.

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