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Development Space Of Heat Transfer Printing Technology

Apr. 17, 2019

Development Space Of Heat Transfer Printing Technology

China Spray Mug Factory shares that the process needs professional heat transfer equipment, for ceramic, metal and other items, the need for surface heat transfer coating.

First, the pattern feels hard and has poor air permeability. After washing, it will become soft, but the air permeability is still relatively poor.

Second, there are tiny cracks in the pattern corresponding to the fabric fiber when the T-shirt is pulled horizontally for thermal transfer. This is the characteristics of heat transfer printing itself, can not be avoided.

                                             Heat Transfer Printing Technology

Thirdly, the color of T-shirt will change after it is pressed and ironed at high temperature, for example, white will turn yellow. This is caused by the evaporation of water from the T-shirt

Fourthly, heat transfer printing USES sublimation ink to print the picture on the transfer paper first, and then transfer to the medium surface, there are several difficult problems: color deviation and positioning deviation, the finished picture is easier to scratch off, poor fastness, generally need to spray a layer of protective film. In addition, special media transfer also need to do flexographic printing.

Fifth, a skilled printer with many years of experience is required.

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