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What kind of mugs are there?

Jul. 04, 2019

What kind of mugs are there?

China Stainless Mug Supplier shares that mugs are believed to be no stranger to young friends born in the 80s and 90s. They have won people's favor and favor with their unique shapes and diverse colors. So, what's a mug? What kinds of mugs are there? What is mark cup to introduce for everybody below and the kind that mark cup has what!

One, what is a mug?

1. Mug is a common cup in daily life and also a general term of ceramic mug with handle. It is widely used in some hot drinks such as milk tea and coffee. The cup body is usually of standard cylindrical shape with a handle on one side. Material is qualitative wait for pure porcelain more, glass, and plastic, because it is made by natural stone and become, mark cup price on market commonly so is taller also.

2. The mug can be made according to their own preferences and imagined modeling, its body can be designed into animals and people and other different modeling, large, medium, small with their own arbitrary like, its now more popular mug modeling has double layers, letters, color change, vacuum and so on.

3. Compared with ordinary tea cups in China, its volume is larger and the cup body is thicker. Meanwhile, it has the advantage of maintaining the temperature of hot drinks.

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Two, what kind of mark cup has?

1. Double mugs

Whether you're making milk or coffee, you have to use very hot water. It is because of this, the designer came up with this method, will quilt made into a double layer, which is conducive to heat preservation, but also not hot, kill two birds with one stone.

2. Alphabet mug

During a regular meeting, everyone made a mistake with the cups they had brought, which caused great embarrassment. The alphabet mugs can help you solve this problem very well. The handle of each mugs is designed as a letter, one letter for each person, and you can never use it wrong.

3. Ounce color cups

The color of this kind of cup can change according to the change of temperature. When hot water is poured into the cup, the graphic color of the cup body will change, and different artistic patterns will be displayed, so that people can get aesthetic feeling and artistic enjoyment.

That's all about what mugs are and what kinds of mugs they are. As a professional Custom Color Sublimation Mug supplier, If you want to know more about the following knowledge can continue to pay attention to qijia net related information. There's more to come.

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