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[Custom Glass Mug For Sale China]Design inspiration for daily-use ceramics

May. 15, 2019

Design inspiration for daily-use ceramics

Custom Glass Mug For Sale China shares that ceramics are the most frequently used porcelain products in People's Daily life. Since ancient times, ceramics have always played an important role in our life. Ceramic design presents different cultural connotations and pursuits in each development stage. From the initial use to meet the needs of life to the later pursuit of product personality and emotion. In this process of development, the aesthetic psychology of consumers and the design of ceramics have a deep affinity.

Custom Glass Mug For Sale China

Aesthetic standards

Pottery and porcelain is the appellation that has practical function to the life commonly. Such as tableware, tea set, coffee set, vase and so on. Custom Glass Mug Supplier  points that ceramic design is a practical art, ceramic design is centered on the needs of consumers. The improvement of living standards is bound to stimulate the aesthetic needs of consumers. Consumers have a double demand for ceramic design: one is spiritual, one is material. Only by understanding the aesthetic needs of consumers can designers design products that meet the aesthetic psychology of consumers. For example: people buy tableware, the primary purpose is to achieve the practical function of its dining tools, and the second is a symbol of status and status and to bring comfortable and beautiful aesthetic enjoyment.

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