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How To Choose A Coffee Cup?

Jan. 31, 2019

How to choose a Coffee Drinking Cup ? Drinking the same coffee, but because of the shape and material of the coffee cup, I feel different sourness and bitterness. There are 3 important points to choose from.

1. Inner color

Vision has a great influence on taste perception. If you choose a ceramic coffee cup or a cup with a color inside, it is difficult to distinguish the color during extraction, and the judgment of the shade is easily distorted. When you want to enjoy the amber color of the coffee while drinking, it is recommended to choose a white coffee cup on the inside.

2. The width of the cup

The human tongue structure, the sweetness is felt at the tip of the tongue, and the side and tongue roots taste the sour and bitter taste respectively. The open cup of the cup allows the coffee to be filled with a mouth, especially for the sour coffee. On the other hand, a slender coffee cup will make coffee directly rush to the throat, and it is easy to feel bitter when drinking.

3. Thickness of the edge of the cup

The ceramic cups we use are generally thicker. Considering the thermal insulation performance, the Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs are better than the glass cups, and the heat collecting effect is better. The coffee cups like bone china now have a double-layer glass cup. Sex is better than a single-layer glass.

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