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Ceramic materials [shared by China Sublimation Mug Supplier]

May. 08, 2019

Ceramic materials [shared by China Sublimation Mug Supplier]

Following shared by China Sublimation Mug Supplier.

Ceramic materials: compared with porcelain, ceramic quality of a material is relatively loose, also coarser particles, usually in the firing temperature of 900 ℃, 1500 ℃, the temperature is low, after firing architectural colour and lustre is natural, of primitive simplicity and easy, become one of the many artists delight shape material. The sort of pottery is very much, common have black pottery, white pottery, red pottery, grey pottery and yellow pottery to wait, red pottery, grey pottery and black pottery wait to use the pottery earth that contains iron content taller to be raw material, ferric pottery clay shows red below oxidizing atmosphere, show gray or black below reductive atmosphere.

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Ceramic materials: compared with pottery, porcelain of hard, fine, it is strictly prohibited and high temperature resistant, glaze color is rich, usually in the firing temperature of 1300 ℃ or so, has often been described porcelain "sound like qing, bright as a mirror, beautiful woman, as thin as paper", porcelain feeling giving a person is more elegant, luxurious and tao that simplicity is just the opposite. Therefore, when many artists create ceramic artworks, they will emphasize the distinct sensory enjoyment brought to the appreciator by the texture of pottery or porcelain. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze and compare the characteristics of the two different materials before creation.

Porcelain cup generally can be divided into high temperature porcelain (mainly white porcelain), the stoneware (stoneware), bone porcelain, strengthened porcelain, magnesium strengthened porcelain these categories. White porcelain cups are usually of high temperature porcelain, while the stoneware cup is a medium-temperature porcelain, or stoneware.

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