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The connection between ceramics and Chinese culture

Jun. 29, 2019

The connection between ceramics and Chinese culture shared by Creative ceramic vase supplier.

The cultural peculiarity of ceramics lies not only in the way it reflects a wide range of social life, nature, culture, customs, philosophy and ideas, but also in the way it reflects them. It is a three-dimensional carrier of national culture, or a static national culture dance. This is determined by the properties of ceramics. Pieces of work, no matter how the theme, style, like a note, in beating, playing, synthesis of ceramic culture melody. These melodies, some intense, some deep, some passionate, some rational, some colorful, some natural, constitute an incomparable breathtaking large-scale symphony of Chinese ceramic culture!

Ceramic culture as one of the Chinese nation culture, in national matrix impregnating, growth and development, and to live together with her creator emotions, with the fragrance of the soil, retained the creator heart hand corresponding spirit of artistic image, show the national culture, told the one beautiful story, showing the broad social life picture scroll, recording the sentient beings sensitized, described the national psychological, spiritual and personality development and change, with people's happiness and grave and move on.

The ceramic sculpture works in the colored pottery of the neolithic age record the survival desire of the ancestors. The ceramic pigs, cows and dogs imitate the images of animals hunted or bred for food, demonstrating the fierce fight with nature and expressing the evolution and development of civilization. These works, which are exactly like the real objects, imagine the confusion, joy and struggle of the ancestors, and the scene of rushing and calling in the primeval and barbaric is breathtaking.

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Chahai miracle qin Terra Cotta Warriors, the fortitude of the general, the rein of the bow, was lost on standby knight, the splendid, bash elbows by glaring infantry, with bow that momentum, look ahead in the face of striker, as well as the foison Xiao jun, was born of war horse, composed of square, there is power, make public the brace, reminiscent of the widespread armed warriors of the warring states period, imagine the qin army that swept aside, and the sun, the great river north and south JunWei. Although it is a military formation, it reflects the theme of that era and vividly records the history of that period.

The economy of the han dynasty was restored, and all aspects of the society were developed, showing different characteristics from that of the qin dynasty. Chahai content and artistic style, also changes, whether man or animal, the shape of the scene, don't pay attention to realistic, like the qin chahai strive to realistic and details in the form of score, but also focus on grasping the spirit of the object in general connotation, pay attention to the vivid characterizations, any details of real, emphasizes the role of emf vocabulary in image creation and expression, showed a wild male flying Michael, aesthetic style, which is the han dynasty era of aesthetic characteristics.

"Tang" is the sort of exciting generosity, magnificent, grand, longitudinal and unselfish male handsome style, is that countries vying seeding in the tang dynasty, majestic, warm glow on the voice of the era of lively tour, CSL LiQing new ceramic art, song dynasty is the reflection of aesthetic philosophy idea, other times, the Ming and qing dynasties of the mellow and soft, is the social life and aesthetic perspectives (bear liao "ceramic aesthetics and the aesthetic features of Chinese folk), after the reform and opening up of the male, bold and unrestrained, is also the period of politics, thoughts, ideas, and a result of the combined action of life.

Therefore, a history of Chinese ceramics is an image of Chinese history, an image of the history of Chinese national culture.

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