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The Difference Between Ceramic Cup And Bone China Cup

Mar. 12, 2019

The difference between ceramic cup and bone china cup

Nowadays, the Ceramic Marker Cups on the market are ceramic and bone china. Today, the Xiaobian ceramic cup is a small series for everyone to talk about the difference between these two cups, for everyone to use as a reference when buying a cup.

1. From the perspective of health and health: bone china and ceramics are different in materials. The bone china is mainly made of bone china, and its content is also as high as 40%. The brand bone china such as Tangshan Sidu and Haigei should be more than 45%, and the world's highest bone powder content is the British royal royal bone china tableware bone powder. The content is up to 50%.

2. Analysis of thermal insulation effect: Compared with traditional porcelain, bone china has better thermal insulation, and has better taste when drinking coffee or brewing tea;


3. From the product grade analysis: bone china is much higher grade than ordinary ceramics. For a long time, bone china is a special porcelain of the British royal family and nobles. It is the only high-grade porcelain that is recognized in the world. It has both the dual value of use and art. It is a symbol of rights and status. It is known as the king of porcelain.

Moreover, the porcelain of bone china is exquisite and transparent, the color surface is moist like jade, the shape is beautiful and elegant, and the flower surface is more colorful. The bone china has been developed and accepted by more and more people nowadays, they have also It is no longer just a meal for the guys and soups. It is also a kind of fashion and art enjoyment. As a manifestation of a food culture, it gradually penetrates into our daily life.

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