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What is unique about ceramic cups compared to other drinking containers?

Aug. 28, 2019

What is unique about ceramic cups compared to other drinking containers?

With the continuous development of economy, the actual demand for ceramic marker cup products in the industry is increasing, and its performance is very prominent, therefore, very popular. However, we may not know much about its unique features compared with other drinking containers. Here is a detailed introduction from industry experts.

1. Temperature: the high-temperature porcelain firing temperature is above 1200 degrees; Medium temperature porcelain firing temperature in 1000-1150 degrees; Low-temperature porcelain is fired at 700-900 degrees Celsius.

2. Color: high temperature porcelain color more full, delicate, crystal; Medium and low temperature porcelain color is more sluggish wood.

3. Feel: high temperature porcelain is smooth and delicate; Medium and low temperature porcelain is slightly rough.

4. Voice: according to industry experts engaged in mug customization, high-temperature porcelain is relatively clear and crisp; Medium and low temperature porcelain is low stuffy.

Sublimation Mug Supplier China

Sublimation Mug Supplier China

5. Texture: high-temperature porcelain has a strong hardness; Medium and low temperature porcelain is more brittle.

Of course, the most obvious difference between high temperature ceramics and medium and low temperature ceramics is the water absorption rate. The water absorption rate of medium and low temperature ceramics is higher, while that of high temperature Full White Sublimation Mug is lower than 0. 2%, the product is easy to clean and won't absorb peculiar smell, won't happen glaze crack and local leakage phenomenon. The bibulous rate of pottery and porcelain of medium, low temperature is higher than this standard greatly and enter sewage easily, not easy clean still can send out unpleasant peculiar smell, time is long still can produce crack and leaky phenomenon.

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