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A Brief Introduction Of Ceramic Mugs

Mar. 08, 2019

As a Custom Glass Mug Supplier.Today I would like to introduce you to the ceramic process raw materials.

Ceramics are made from natural clay and various natural minerals through grinding, mixing, molding and calcining.It includes products made from clay or a mixture containing clay by mixing, shaping and calcining.It ranges from the roughest earthenware to the finest pottery and porcelain.For its main raw material is from the nature of silicate minerals (such as clay, quartz, etc.), so with glass, cement, enamel, refractories and other industries, with the "silicate industry" category.The main ceramic production areas are jingdezhen, liling, gao 'an, fengcheng, pingxiang, lichuan, foshan, chaozhou, dehua, zibo, tangshan, beiliu and other places.In addition, jingdezhen is the "porcelain capital" of China.

Custom Glass Mug SupplierPrinted Pottery Mugs

Common ceramic products, such as Printed Pottery Mugs, are made of clay, alumina, kaolin, etc.Ceramic material is general hardness is higher, but plasticity is poorer.Besides being used in food utensils and decorations, ceramics also play an important role in the development of science and technology.Ceramic raw material is the earth's original large number of resources clay quenched from.And the nature of the clay toughness, room temperature in water can be plastic, slightly dry carved, dry grinding;Fired to 700 degrees can be made into pottery can hold water;When fired to 1230 degrees, the porcelain can be almost completely non-absorbent and resistant to high temperature and corrosion.The flexibility of its use, in today's culture and technology have a variety of creative applications.Pottery was invented.Ceramic materials are mostly oxides, nitrides, borides and carbides.

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